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Our Core Values


Outward: to S E R V E

Service: It is MODERN SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED desire to exceed our customers' expectations with unrivalled service. Our team is willing to do whatever it takes to serve our customers in their effort to purchase, prepare and sell safe, quality seafood. Customer service demands honesty and integrity, and our customers will find that at MODERN SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED

Exceptional Quality: Every product that we sell will be of the highest food safety standard, presented in quality packaging, sourced from producers of exceptional reputation. We will back that up with a guarantee to our customers that we stand behind everything we sell.

Recognize and Reward: We believe in positive encouragement and incentives. Our staff will be given clear expectations of the results required of them; likewise they will be recognized for their hard work and will be encouraged to continue with a strong sense of purpose.

Variety: As a specialty company, our customers can depend on us to have every innovative, state of the art and popular product their clientele desires.


Expertise: Our staff will have exceptional product knowledge and job training. We will make our knowledge available to our customers, using modern effective media, so that they can fully benefit from and apply this knowledge to present the finest seafood products to their consumers. MODERN SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED THE RAINBOW brand will be promoted and recognized as a symbol of excellence our customers can tout.


Inward: To work S M A R T

Sanitize: As a vendor of edible products, we strive to have clean, sanitized production and work areas. Meeting and exceeding health and safety requirements is paramount to achieving our quality and service goals.


Master: We will encourage communication of new ideas and methods as we require the development of each team member's skills and will encourage on-going education. Each employee's work should exemplify his or her desire to "master" their techniques.


Act: MODERN SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED will uphold the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all facets of our operations. CCSF encourages a pro-active, not re-active work environment. Every challenge or concern will be accompanied by a suggestion for solution and positive action.


Responsibility: We will look for sustainable resources when purchasing our products. We will support our local fishermen and our local community, as we consume products and services, and we will be financially responsible as we do so.


Teamwork: MODERN SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED will create a team environment that recognizes the need for team members to work together. We will strive to fill all positions with employees of the highest work ethic, desire to serve and a quest for knowledge.

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