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Established In 1988 MODERN SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED has grown from a small family business to a fast growing organization with worldwide connections. The success of our company is based on the combination of quality and competitiveness. We have earned a well-deserved reputation for quality assurance, consistency and reliability. Hence it is more modernized by implementing HACCP plan. The company enjoys its highest advan-tage being situated at the heart of the country's shrimps producing zone Khulna, nearest to the Bay of Bengal and the sea port Mongla. The company is engaged in production, development and marketing of a variety of sea food products. We have a well maintained in house preprocessing facility, where the raw shrimps are prepared for further processing in the integrated processing facility. Hence good quality is always maintained. Devoted workers, skilled manpower are operated in three shifts for ensuring the correct grading of every batch of shrimps coming out of factory. Moreover these seems to be purified fishes are simultaneously washed to make it totally germ free. The freezing arrangement is also integrated with processing section. There are four different units of contact plate freezers with capacity of 21.26 Metric tons and one IQF machine with the capac-ity of 500kg/hour. The frozen cold storage is also integrated with the freezing section. MODERN SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED has at his disposal one flake ice machine with a capacity of 15 Metric tons per day. The shipment to various countries is being done by refer container stuffing. MODERN SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED is capable to hold enough plugging facilities to maintain the temperature of the container steadily. The close proximity of Mongla port just 35km. from the factory is a major advantage.

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